Figure: 14-axis high-pressure cold gas spraying system

The cold spray process has high material build-up rates, and the build volume is only limited by the accessibility of the robot-guided cold spray gun. Due to the material application with one nozzle and without melting the metal powder particles, cold spraying is very well suited for producing multi-material components. Advantages are the processing of multi-material combinations without intermetallic phase formation or the use of materials with unequal melting points. The main focus is on parameter determination for different materials and the production of multi-material components. The AMLab has one of the most modern high-pressure cold gas injection systems for additive manufacturing in Europe. The specially designed cold gas cell includes two 6-axis robots from ABB and a rotary swivel table. A plasma giken-gun is used on one of the robots, which can be supplied with up to 90 bar via a nitrogen line for working pressure. The second robot can insert components (sensors, actuators) during the process and perform machining finishing operations.

The total power input of the system is up to 211 kW. Currently, the focus is on the processing of steels, copper (alloys), and high-performance steels. We support you in evaluating suitable use cases for additive manufacturing using cold gas spraying through individually tailored analyses and our system and engineering know-how. In our cold spray manufacturing laboratory, trials can be quickly implemented and analyzed.