Figure: Fused Depositon Modeling system

Fused deposition modeling is based on a comparatively simple process principle, namely the precise, layer-by-layer extrusion of fusible materials onto a build platform. In this process, the extruded material is applied in webs whose width is equal to the diameter of the die. The starting material is in the form of a wire called a filament and fed via a conveying mechanism. In the extruder, the material is melted in a heated die and applied in layers to the build platform or the already solidified layers. The bonding of superimposed and adjacent webs significantly influences the subsequent mechanical and technological properties of the component. The subsequent layers are applied by lowering the building platform.

  • Simple and uncomplicated handling of the equipment
  • Comparatively low equipment and operating costs
  • It can be used in an office environment
  • A large variety of available materials
  • Processing of different materials within one component possible