Figure: Procedure for the systematic analysis of the potential of additive manufacturing processes

Numerous successfully implemented use cases have impressively demonstrated the potential of additive manufacturing technologies in recent years. However, getting started with this technology is a major challenge due to various processes and possible applications. Companies should ask the following two questions before they enter additive manufacturing. First: What application can I currently implement with it, and what is the development of the technology?

Secondly: Can the company build up the necessary competences in additive manufacturing processes in the medium term to take advantage of the opportunities in the long term? A methodical analysis of the potential of additive processes is recommended as a basis for decision-making and perspective. For this reason, we have created a set of methods to support you in evaluating and implementing additive technologies (see figure). The methods are based on the experience gained from numerous successfully implemented industry transfer projects with companies from different industries. Depending on the product spectrum and approach, the methods can be used individually or in combination. Thus, the method kit can serve as a comprehensive study or answer specific questions. The goal is an individual roadmap that shows the potential of additive technologies for the company and contains scenarios for implementing the potential. Once possible applications for additive processes have been identified for which a worthwhile business model can be implemented, the focus is on two fields of action. The design of the process chain can include both the introduction of additive manufacturing processes into the company’s own production and the qualification of suppliers (make-or-buy). In addition to setting up the process chain, employees should also be taught the skills required to operate the process chain.

Participation in the Academy training courses Additive Manufacturing, which impart both theoretical and practical knowledge in additive manufacturing, is particularly suitable for this purpose.
With the method construction kit for the implementation of additive processes, AMLab provides a structured and, at the same time, an adaptable concept that is continuously being further developed. If you have any questions regarding the evaluation and implementation of additive processes, the AMLab scientists will be happy to assist you as a cooperative and independent technology partner. Do the AM Quick Check.