Additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities concerning the design and manufacture of products. To drive innovations in the company, the new design possibilities must be applied and implemented in the company’s own products. This requires employees who have a comprehensive knowledge of additive manufacturing technologies. For this reason, the AMLab offers workshops, courses, and training for interested parties who want to get to know the new technology in more detail and implement it in the company. The Fraunhofer Academy offers two seminars to choose from. “Grundlagen der Additiven Fertigung” provides a compact overview of existing additive technologies in the plastics and metal sectors based on valid standards and guidelines. In addition to aspects of additive-compatible product design, competences are also taught for recognizing, evaluating, and using the potential of additive technologies in one’s own company. The “Vertiefungsseminar Laser-Strahlschmelzen” imparts detailed process knowledge. The focus is on the joint implementation of the optimization of LBM manufacturing parameters. In addition to the physical fundamentals of the process, the design of an LBM system and available materials are also covered. Possible sources of error for the process and their influence on quality are also discussed. The course of becoming a specialist engineer for additive manufacturing VDI addresses the implementation of additive manufacturing processes in the company. The AMLab is happy to provide you with offers tailored to your company for the further training of employees, in which your own products are directly included and checked for potential.

Furthermore, the AMLab, southern Germany’s largest research laboratory for additive manufacturing, has offered an exchange platform for users, interested companies, and experts with the Augsburg Seminar for Additive Manufacturing since 1996. Lecture sessions with top-class speakers and interactive panel discussions take place.